April 18, 2019

Dear diary,

Mommy had a dream last night. She was on a plane. And the plane started dropping out of the sky. At first it felt like bad turbulence. But then mom’s body started floating up out of her seat. Soon, mom was free falling with everyone else—bodies hovering in the cabin like you see in the movies. Everyone knew that if the plane did not stop free falling soon, they would all die.

In between the panic and hoping for the plane to regain its course, mom realized that she might die today. Jungmin and daddy were not on this plane. So mom sent them a message from her heart—the connection from one heart to the other—bypassing failing WiFi, plane engines and the roar of gravity—mom told Jungmin and dad that she loves them. Now and forever. I love you. I love you. I love you.

Then there was a loud boom. There were flames. The flames were both icy and hot. Mom waited for her body to dissolve into nothingness. And she awaited the next transformation with quiet curiosity. But before she got there, mom woke up.

Mom was both relieved and sad. Relieved that she didn’t really die (because the dream was so real) and sad, because mom didn’t get to see a glimpse of the next chapter.

I’m glad mom is still here.

Love, Bob

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