Theory and Practice (or Forcing the Bulb)

February 14, 2019

Dear diary,

Mom is irritating me to no end. She wants to be right. All the time. But it turns out that “wanting to be right” is different from “being right.” WTF. And mom doesn’t know this. I should say mom “knows” this fact, but isn’t able to “practice” her knowing.

This is the Grand Canyon of a gap that exists between theory and practice. WTF. I mean seriously. She’s old and everything. Shouldn’t she be able to do this already? Especially since she is doing all this “meditation” and shit? Oh. Sorry. How judgmental of me.

But I’m SO IRRITATED!!!! UGGGGHHHH! I guess I don’t have to silence my irritation. And I guess it’s not my mom’s job to fast forward her evolution just because I’m irritated by her.

But like UUURRRRRGGGGGHHHHH! They can force flower bulbs into blooming fast, can’t they? Through controlling the environment?!!! Why can’t my mom control her environment so that she blossoms faster!

But then what. The flower blooms. It’s nice and peaceful for me. But then what. Does that mean she will die quicker? Because forcing a bulb to bloom, doesn’t mean that it will change their life expectancy, does it? Nooooooo!!!!!

Okay. I will “practice” letting mommy be mommy. And I will balance that with expressing my irritation. By dancing vigorously. To the track of “It’s Not Right, But It’s Okay.” I love Whitney.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

Love, Bob

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