Knitting, coping, and the heat wave

July 24, 2018

Dear diary,

Mom is knitting. It’s one hundred degrees outdoors and mom is knitting. She is knitting a hat. The color of the yarn is a soft teal blue, like a robin’s eggs seen at dusk. Mom is knitting because she can’t be in the yard. Because she got heat exhaustion working way too hard in the yard last week—heat exhaustion which showed up as violent vomit and diarrhea for two to three days. Eeeew.

So mom is knitting a winter hat in the mist of a heat wave.

I asked her why she was knitting. Maybe she is bored. Why can’t she be like a normal person and sit and watch tv or something. Mom didn’t answer me. So I asked her again. Why are you knitting? Mom glances at me and said, “I need to keep busy.” Why? “My brain is working too hard and I want to slow it down and distract it.” What is your brain working on? “Worrying about things I can’t control.” And what is that? “Other people’s thoughts and behavior.” Oh, I see.

Mom might have to knit a few blankets for that one. Poor mom. I hope she doesn’t over do the knitting and end up with carpal tunnel. What did mom say love was? Being a witness to bad decisions and still loving them and caring for them without judgment. I’ll have to google “how to sooth carpal tunnel.”

Love, Bob

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