September 21, 2019

Dear diary,

The other day, mom had just dropped off Jungmin at school as usual. And as with most mornings she saw many friends of hers. They would smile at each other and wave as they drove past each other. But this day, one of her friends flagged her down.

Mom’s friend came over and shared the news about her own transgender child. But both mom and her friend were a bit distracted.

On the passenger side of mom’s car was a huge bag of yarn of assorted colors in a huge heap. On top of that was a plate. Off kilter. Precariously balanced. And on the plate was a half eaten peanut butter and jelly sandwich. With crumbs to match.

And then there were the orange, cheddar flavored popcorn. That was tossed all over the car floor. Jungmin had accidentally busted open a bag of these orange, cheddar flavored popcorn the other day, but with everything that was happening in mom’s life, she didn’t get a chance to clean it up. Actually, that’s a lie. Mom usually doesn’t clean up her car when there is a mess.

So here she is. Having a profound moment with her friend talking about their transgender children. And they both can’t stop glancing at the orange colored, cheddar flavored popcorn, the half eaten peanut butter and jelly sandwich balancing on top of a mountain of yarns.

Mom and her friend still had their moment. It was a moment of vulnerability. A moment of sharing. A moment of comforting. A moment of being loved. Mommy is so grateful for her family and community of friends. I love them too.

Love, Bob

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