Playing dress up

Dear diary,

Mom loves Halloween dress up. She doesn’t want the treats. She‘s a bit fearful of the tricks. But she loves the dress up part. She has been wanting to dress up for Halloween for decades. But haven’t had the will power to invest in dress up.

This year, mom is going full throttle. Mom says it’s part of her “#practicejoy so don’t JUDGE ME and you can fuck off if you do judge me” plan.

Mom can be a bit dramatic when she feels judged. Even if the voice is her inner critic’s. I mean, who in real life would judge her for playing dress up? It’s practice joy for crying out loud. Who doesn’t want to practice joy? Oh yeah. Mom. Mom used to despise joy, laughter, glee and anything uplifting. I’m so glad she’s lightened up a bit. Sheesh.

On her to-do list of dress up possibilities are:

Edna Mode, the apparel designer from the Incredibles film.

Wednesday Addams from the Addams family.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Right?

And of course, Moira Rose from Schitt’s Creek, mom’s current spirit animal.

Mom may dress up every day of Halloween week. That’s what she’s calling the last week of October. Halloween week.

I wonder what I should be for Halloween. Maybe Beetlejuice? I’d have to ask mom to make me a suit. That would be cute.

It’s so cold today. I hope mom bakes something today. Maybe something with cinnamon. Or cardamom. Mmmmmmm.

Love, Bob

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