Dear diary,

Mom finished her Edna Mode costume. Then she immediately went down hill. She went to a dark, dark place. It was a place where she was called many names.

Stupid. Pitiful. Ugly. Idiot. Stupid. With all that is happening in the world, you’re making stupid Halloween costumes? Stupid. Pitiful. Ugly. Idiot. Stupid.

These shaming words cut through her and she started drowning in her own blood. She knew these words were not true. But they hurt just the same.

Since last week, mom’s costume list grew. Along with the original list of Edna, Wednesday, Moira and RBG, now she has Frida, Dorothy, No-Face (from Spirited Away) and Sadness (from Inside Out). They are fierce. Fearful. Fearless. Sad. And they are visualizations of what goes on in mom’s head.

But I think mom has to go back to being her. I didn’t realize it, but it turns out mom is a method actor. I mean seriously. She was channeling some serious Sean Penn worthy bull-shit. And it has been very bad for her mental health. Sheesh.

Mom, you do you. Enough of Edna and Moira, No-Face and Sadness. You do you.

Practice joy.

Love, Bob

P. S. I actually don’t know if Sean Penn is a method actor or if he is full of bullshit. Most likely he is hurting inside. And that can make an asshole out of any one of us.

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